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Alfred Zoff was a painter at the turn of the century. He overcame the realism of the Biedermeier and freed himself with broad and paste-like brushstrokes from the figurative and naturalistic art in a narrower sense. He established himself as one of the most important impressionist painters in Austria. He was particularly interested in open air and cloud studies because of which he reconstructed his pavillion and replaced its roof with a glasroof. Like other impressionist painters he worked on a specific lightning atmosphere and water reflections. During his travels Alfred Zoff painted several coastal landscapes which where a very popular motive among the Austrian impressionists.

Alfred Zoff was successful from the very beginning of his career, he got several awards and had many costumers and collectors, in 1907 he became a professor at the Grazer Landeskunstakademie. His paintings are held in high regard until today.


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